Updated: 03 November 2023

Error reading ShaDa

Resolution of Error while reading ShaDa file: there is an item at position …

Find all ShaDa related directories and files

find ~ -iname '*shada*'

Example list of folders returned by the find command above


Delete all shada files in these directories.

rm -rf ~/.local/state/lvim/shada; rm -rf ~/.local/state/nvim/shada; rm -rf ~/.local/share/nvim/shada; rm -rf ~/.cache/lvim


Updated: 24 November 2023


Toggle spelling on/off with a function:

lvim.keys.normal_mode["<leader>sp"] = function()
    if (true == vim.opt.spell:get()) then
        vim.opt.spell = false
        print("spell = false")
        vim.opt.spell = true
        vim.opt.spelllang = "en_gb"
        print("spell = true")

Quick reference

Toggle floating terminal <C-\>
Show definition K

Neovim app image

Updated: 15 October 2023

How to install Neovim, from the App Image, on Ubuntu.

  1. Pick a stable release
  2. Download the nvim.appimage asset.
  3. Run chmod u+x nvim.appimage to make the nvim.appimage file executable.
  4. Start the neovim editor with ./nvim.appimage.
  5. If your system indicates that FUSE is missing, it can be installed (for Ubuntu >= 22.04) with sudo apt install libfuse2
  6. Rename the executable and put it in a location on your PATH e.g. mv nvim.appimage /home/chris/.local/bin/nvim
  7. Now start the neovim editor with nvim