Neovim kickstart.nvim

Updated: 10 May 2024

LSP key maps

-- Jump to the definition of the word under your cursor.
--  This is where a variable was first declared, or where a function is defined, etc.
--  To jump back, press .
map('gd', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_definitions, '[G]oto [D]efinition')

-- Find references for the word under your cursor.
map('gr', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_references, '[G]oto [R]eferences')

-- Jump to the implementation of the word under your cursor.
--  Useful when your language has ways of declaring types without an actual implementation.
map('gI', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_implementations, '[G]oto [I]mplementation')

-- Jump to the type of the word under your cursor.
--  Useful when you're not sure what type a variable is and you want to see
--  the definition of its *type*, not where it was *defined*.
map('D', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_type_definitions, 'Type [D]efinition')

-- Fuzzy find all the symbols in your current document.
--  Symbols are things like variables, functions, types, etc.
map('ds', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_document_symbols, '[D]ocument [S]ymbols')

-- Fuzzy find all the symbols in your current workspace.
--  Similar to document symbols, except searches over your entire project.
map('ws', require('telescope.builtin').lsp_dynamic_workspace_symbols, '[W]orkspace [S]ymbols')

-- Rename the variable under your cursor.
--  Most Language Servers support renaming across files, etc.
map('rn', vim.lsp.buf.rename, '[R]e[n]ame')

-- Execute a code action, usually your cursor needs to be on top of an error
-- or a suggestion from your LSP for this to activate.
map('ca', vim.lsp.buf.code_action, '[C]ode [A]ction')

-- Opens a popup that displays documentation about the word under your cursor
--  See `:help K` for why this keymap.
map('K', vim.lsp.buf.hover, 'Hover Documentation')

-- WARN: This is not Goto Definition, this is Goto Declaration.
--  For example, in C this would take you to the header.
map('gD', vim.lsp.buf.declaration, '[G]oto [D]eclaration')

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