WordPress Plugins

Updated: 07 April 2024

The follow are four of my own WordPress plugins, which are in use on this site:

1. CTD Post revision date
A WordPress plugin which displays a hierarchical list of Categories, Tags and Posts.
wp-pi-ctd-post-revison-date on GitHub

2. CTD Google analytics
A WordPress Plugin which adds custom text to the beginning of e.g. Google Analytics code.
wp-pi-ctd-google-analytics on GitHub

3. CTD Code syntax highlight
A WordPress plugin which integrates the highlight.js code syntax service into your site.
wp-pi-ctd-code-syntax-highlight on GitHub

4. CTD Category, Tag and Post
A WordPress plugin which adds the Post or Page revision date, at the beginning of the content.
wp-pi-ctd-cat-tag-post on GitHub

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