Vim miscellaneous

Updated: 30 March 2024

Check if you’re running vim or neovim
:echo has('nvim')

To copy/paste with PRIMARY clipboard (i.e. copy on select)
"*y ("*yy) and then "*p

To copy/paste with CLIPBOARD clipboard (i.e. Ctrl c/v)
"+y ("+yy) and then "+p

Yank full line without new line character

Line numbers
:set number
:set nonumber

Line wrap
:set wrap
:set nowrap

Open all files in current directory
nvim *

Unload buffer [N] (default: current buffer) and delete it from the buffer list.
:bd[elete][!] [N]

Open all buffers in horizontal or vertical windows
:[vertical] ball

Open all buffers in tabs
:tab ball

Repeat last command mode command

Open file/link under cursor

Browse recent files
:browse oldfiles

Format a json file with jq command line JSON processor
:%!jq .

Apply a command to all open windows
:windo set list

Join lines with no space character

Print current file name with full path (any number would work)

Go to 1st search result

Execute the command and insert its standard output below the cursor

:r! pwd

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