grep surrounding context

Updated: 16 July 2023

Find tell in trans.sql and show 3 lines of context surrounding the result

grep -C 3 tell trans.sql

Show 3 context lines before and 2 lines after matches

grep -B 3 -A 2 bar index.php

Show --only-matching parts of the matching line

grep -o foo index.php

grep basic usage

Updated: 13 January 2023

Find all occurrences of foo in directories and files recursively, from the current directory

grep -irn --exclude-dir=dir --text foo *
-i: case insensitive
-r: recursive but don't follow symlinks
-n: show line number
--text: treat binary files as text

Interpret PATTERNS as --fixed-strings, not regular expressions

grep -F './dir/dir2' file.txt