Agile Jira

Updated: 07 April 2024

How we use Jira:

  • Epic – Something the client has asked for or we are recommending. It is a large Story which will be broken down. An Epic groups together all other issue types. Represents a significant deliverable e.g. a new feature or experience. An Epic has an end point. Epics can appear on Roadmaps.
  • Story – Stories are the smallest units of work that an Epic can be broken down into. Could possibly be expressed “As a [persona], I [want to], [so that].” A Story can exist in isolation without a parent Epic.
  • Task – An engineering or administrative task, added by us.
  • Bug – A serious problem which impairs or prevents the functioning of a product.
  • Subtask – A smaller piece of work required to resolve a Bug, Story or Task
  • Version / Release – An objective point in time. Will sometimes correspond to the release (but not necessarily the deployment) of a version numbered piece of software. The name should reflect what will have been accomplished e.g.
    • Vendor API capabilities understood.
    • Customer on-boarding behaviour tests added.
    • Duplicate pdf invoice code refactored.

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