Scaffold Symfony app from existing database

Prepare for a new run

rm -r src/Entity/*
rm -r src/Form/*
rm -r src/Controller/*
rm -r src/Repository/*
rm -r templates/*

Copy in a backup of base twig template

cp base.html.twig templates/

Generate entities from an existing database

bin/console doctrine:mapping:import "App\Entity" annotation --path=src/Entity
bin/console make:entity --regenerate App

Make CRUD for each new entity

bin/console make:crud MyEntity
bin/console make:crud AnotherEntity

Adjust file permissions

sudo chown -R chris:chris templates/
sudo chown -R chris:chris src/Entity/
sudo chown -R chris:chris src/Controller/
sudo chown -R chris:chris src/Form/

Now, sql insert data fixtures


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