Import Barclays Bank statement

Create a table for the bank statement entries CREATE TABLE `bank_statement_entries` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `cheque_id` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL, `date` date DEFAULT NULL, `amount` decimal(13,4) DEFAULT NULL, `subcategory` varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL, `memo` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, `my_notes` text ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; SQL script for importing batch of csv statement entries into table `bank_statement_entries` DELIMITER… Continue reading Import Barclays Bank statement

Configure Laradock, XDebug, VSCode and Selenium Chrome

Getting the basics working first i.e. a simple index.php file inside laravel/public. Install Laravel framework after this setup. Directory structure: .vscode/ └── launch.json laradock/ laravel/ └── xdebug.log └── public/ └── index.php With a fresh install of Laradock cp env-example .env In .env APP_CODE_PATH_HOST=../laravel/ WORKSPACE_INSTALL_XDEBUG=true PHP_FPM_INSTALL_XDEBUG=true In laradock/selenium/Dockerfile, use the latest chrome debug image and expose… Continue reading Configure Laradock, XDebug, VSCode and Selenium Chrome